Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Shotover Jet of Love

On Valentines Day, me and Katie (my token Valentine for the day) decided to do the Shotover Jet, mainly because it is a red jet-boat (being the day of love an all) but also because it's supposed to be good fun - you whizz throught the Shotover canyon at 80km/hr doing 360° spins. I was a bit annoyed at the fact I couldn't have a go myself, but these drivers have 1500 hours worth of training before they are even allowed to take a paying passenger so I was probably better off with them.
The Shotover Canyon is pretty stunning to look at but even more exhilerating when the sheer rock faces are zooming past you at a fair rate of knots.

Look at them go!

Hold on tight, we're spinning. Where's (the) Wally?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Braeburn #4101

While we had some people staying we decided to start a longer term project. A film, with a working title of Braeburn #4101. It's about a maverick, off-the-rails, Queenstown based cop who doesn't play by the rules. The story is pretty complex with many twists that many people will never fully be able to grasp. It's got it all; infeasibly large guns, huge explosions, lots of blood, hilarious comedy, tear-jurking drama and of course, some ladies. Keep an eye out, it's a blockbuster and it's coming this summer.

Braeburn and Captain Tashlippe on set.

Captain Tashlippe hanging up his laundry. You can feel the tension.

Braeburn on a tea-break.

I would recommend you start preparing yourself mentally right now. Coming to a YouTube near you, soon.

On a side note, Freya and Jimbo have decided to stay! Yipee! Not only has our cast list pretty much doubled, but the fun times too.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Waitangi Day

Waitangi Day! A national Kiwi Holiday which involves celebrating the anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, the contract signed between the British and Maori in 1840. Most see it in retrospect as the founding of the New Zealand nation, but at the time it was meant to mean that NZ was a British colony. Someone balls-ed up the translation into Maori and a load of confusion followed which still hasn't been fully cleared up to this day. But hurrah anyway!

We spent the day in the local park chillin' while listening to reggae. Not just on our own I'll have you know, it was a mini little festival called Reggae in the Park. Some DJ's and sunshine and beer and lots of people. The result, a lot of tipsy chilled-out lobsters. It was also Bob Marley's birthday, so happy birthday Bob.

The DJ's were set up in the band stand and everyone just maxed out, relaxing all cool.....

.....until a brisk wind blew us all over! Quite the anomally I can tell you.

Me and RPM. Choice!

The day ended up being so hot that we decided to jump into Lake Wakatipu, it's pretty chilly, but totally refreshing!

Rob, Jimbo, Freya and Me. Girliest jump award goes to....Jimbo!

Yeah! Fun times.