Friday, May 18, 2007

The Thrilogy

Queenstown: the birthplace of bungy jumping. AJ Hackett started a mad-craze of jumping of stuff with little more than some elastic bands tied around your feet. Appealing? Quite.

The challenge was set. Three bungy jumps, one day, a barbeque, two beers and a free t-shirt. Who's in? I know I was.

First one was the Ledge. A 47m jump above QT, the weather was spot on albeit a bit nippy. I pulled of a nice pose while jumping, one for the cameras and tomorrow's papers no doubt.

Next was the big one - the Nevis is a drop of 134m, roughly an 8 second free-fall. Count that in your head now. Go's a canny while. Was a real rush, got the adrenaline thoroughly pumping. You know that feeling in dreams when you're falling? It's like that, but actually happening.
Almost angelic.

The pod you jumped from rocked nicely in the breeze most of the time. Very very high.

The final one for the day was the measly Kawarau Bridge at 43m. As I had done this one before with Andy T it was easy-peasy - I was a pro at this stage. I did it in tandem with Rana (from work). Yipee!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rocky: The Horror!

After a lot of sitting about not doing very much, something exciting happened. We went to see the Rocky Horror Show! Hurrah, I hear you cry. Having seen the film, but not a live performance I vaguely knew what to expect; an evening full of cross-dressers and wierdoes. I wasn't disappointed.

I went as a make-up-wearing-mad-monster-scientist. And Katie went as....erm..herself by the looks of things. Scary enough.

Everyone from work pulled together and we all managed to turn up in something stange-looking at least. We had a meal together, watched the show and then danced the night away.

Steve, my boss (right) wore some alarming attire. We didn't even tell him we were going to the Rocky Horror Show. I've always wondered what he got up to at weekends...nice bit of thigh nevertheless.

Raise your funk fingers. I also dressed briefly as a scouser.

Attempting to look scary - Em, Cazna and Me.

All in all a very fun night! I also wore eye-shadow. There's a first for everything I suppose.