Saturday, June 23, 2007

Caples Place: Snow Palace

Finally, we moved house to somewhere warm. All sorts of mod-cons in this gaff - carpets, doors that fit into their frames, windows that close, heating in every room. Living like kings I tells you! The new place is a decent 40 minute walk out of town mind, up several hills so you arrive home out of breath and pretty cattled.

Moving house couldn't have come at a better time as well, a cold front hit us within days of shifting up the hill, followed by a good dump of snow. Snow fields have begun to open and winter begins! Fire the (snow) cannons.

So far winter has included; scrapping snow and ice from cars, worrying about black ice, getting snow-chains for your tyres, worrying about having to wear thicker socks, buying thicker socks, leaving new thicker socks by fire and burning them to pieces, complaining to shop assistant that new thicker socks aren't fire/thermo-nuclear fallout proof, loosing argument about socks, buying more thicker socks, getting stocked up on firewood, chopping said firewood with axe, making snowmen, needing 4 wheel drive and so on and on. A thousand curses on non fire-proof footwear!

Little John nearly got snowed in until I saved him. That boy is always getting into trouble and relying on me to bail him out! He lost his fishing rod though. Shame.

Believe it or not the view from the new place is even better than the last. Even at dawn. With low cloud.
Let's get snowballing!