Sunday, July 23, 2006


My original entry was this:

"Spanish computers made me delete everything. Knowing the language might help in future as opposed to just press what was apparently the "delete everything you´ve done so far" button. This could get tricky.

Lets start a new one.

If you fancy finding out what we´re actually up too, rather than reading my incompetent non-factual scrawl, please read Emma´s blog here:

My bag will be here soon, apparently. We fly to the Amazon tomorrow to volunteer at this random field centre, so they better be. We´ll be there for 2 weeks, so I may need more than 2 t-shirts. This is where we´re going if your interested!

This blog malarky is too complicated, whatever happened to snail-mail?"

But as computers are clever I managed to re-post everything! Crazy-nice.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Anyone seen my baggage?

Arrived in Cuzco, Peru after 4 days of trying - first thing that hits you is how freezing it is! Being winter at such a high altitude really takes it out of you. Out of breath after any set of stairs what-so-ever and thats not because of all the cream-cakes and pies I eat (apparently).

Once I had arrived, I went out searching straight away for some Incas, Nobby Solano´s family and Paddington Bear. Still to find any. Although I did see a small bear in a duffel coat, only turned out to be Paddington´s cousin. Shame.

One thing that does suck is the fact that the airline don´t really know where my rucksack is. After wearing the same clothes continuously for 4 days you begin to develop some interesting odours, especially if you don´t have a toothbrush. But fear not! I have some cool new Peruvian threads and 2 toothbrushes now as me and Em double bought. Oh yeah, I met up with Em! That was nice, my faithful travelling buddy, all smiles at the airport while I swayed about due to lack of oxygen. Magic.

We are due to travel deep in the amazon on sunday and if my bag still isn´t here we´re gonna go anyway. Who needs luggage right? I ain´t letting "the man" ruin my holiday! Never ever ever ever fly with Aerolineas Argentina. They´re poo. Conversation with the airline went something like this...

Me - Excuse me, where is my rucksack?

Them - It´s either been eaten or burnt.

Me - Will I ever get I back?

Them - We are incompetent you know sir?

Me - Clearly, can I make a complaint or fill in some forms or something?

Them - I´m sorry sir, but none of us actually speak any English.

Someone could have at least told me they speak spanish? I would´ve learnt some.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Stumble at the first hurdle

On a good day I should be in Buenos Aires by now, however I´m still in Madrid. Gotta love planes that don´t take off on time. Immediate thoughts of disaster.

There´s only one flight a day to Buenos Aires, so I´ve been put up in a 4 star hotel, with a round the clock all you can eat buffet. So naturally the mood has greatly lifted! And according to my ridiculously over-priced insurance I should be well on the way to making at least a few hundred quid! Some of my fellow passengers are all annoyed cos they´ll be missing important business meetings and whatnot, but not me my friends - all you can eat smoked salmon and free money is something not to be sniffed at. From here on in I´ll staying in rat-infested hostels, so I ain´t complaining.

So morale is good.

Have also had a good chat with Jonathan Woodgate and Robinho and have convinced them to play for the Toon. This travelling malarky is a doddle.

He's coming home apparently.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Can you feel the funk?

Had a yellow fever jab yesterday. "Yellow Fever" is very similar to "Dance Fever" but with less dancing and more headaches. And here's me thinking I was going to turn into some sort of John "Hot Feet" Travolta/Michael "Look at me I'm Irish" Flatley genetic hybrid and all I get is dizzy spells. Ah well. Can't win 'em all.

Leave in a few days. What's the spanish for underprepared?