Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Stumble at the first hurdle

On a good day I should be in Buenos Aires by now, however I´m still in Madrid. Gotta love planes that don´t take off on time. Immediate thoughts of disaster.

There´s only one flight a day to Buenos Aires, so I´ve been put up in a 4 star hotel, with a round the clock all you can eat buffet. So naturally the mood has greatly lifted! And according to my ridiculously over-priced insurance I should be well on the way to making at least a few hundred quid! Some of my fellow passengers are all annoyed cos they´ll be missing important business meetings and whatnot, but not me my friends - all you can eat smoked salmon and free money is something not to be sniffed at. From here on in I´ll staying in rat-infested hostels, so I ain´t complaining.

So morale is good.

Have also had a good chat with Jonathan Woodgate and Robinho and have convinced them to play for the Toon. This travelling malarky is a doddle.

He's coming home apparently.

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