Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fly Cruise Fly

My lovely employers at Real Journeys were kind enough to put me on a plane to fly to Milford Sound. Milford is typically an enduring 5 hours in a car, one way, from Queenstown but for the rich and famous amougst you, you can take a 45 minute scenic flight there and back. And scenic it was! For a while we were lurking around the airport waiting for some dodgy looking cloud to shift, but eventually got under way.

The plane was pretty small and could seat only 12 including the pilot. A twin-engine Cessna apparently, whatever that means. Was a fun little plane, looked easy to fly too - reckon I could have managed if the pilot collasped.

The airstrip in Milford.

I see your rainbow and I raise you, a rainbow. We had a zeppelin follow us about all day as well, very daunting.

Unfortunately we didn't get to do the cruise because the weather was drawing in, granted I'd done a couple before, but we would have got a free buffet lunch on this one. Gutted.

The top end of Lake Wakatipu with Pig Island, on the way back. Pig Island contains no pigs. Fact.

Home sweet home.