Tuesday, November 13, 2007

International Brotherhood of Reunion

Our original plans were to travel around the southern islands of Thailand, but due to information about incredibly suspect weather from our man in Krabi (that's me) there was a massive change of logistics. Instead of the boys flying south to meet me, I was to fly to Bangkok to meet them. They next day I went to airport and demanded from the steward the next possible ticket to Bangkok. I felt like James Bond, how often to you go to the airport and demand next available tickets to somewhere?! Never! That's how often. And why? 'Cos it's already all sorted through Thomas Cook. Thankfully, I play a different game...

So, Bangkok! I arrived and located the boys without problem, they were staying on quite possibly the most touristy street in the world called Ko Sahn Road. The hustle and bustle of people trying to get as much many from the thousands of tourists as possible is basically what was going on. It was awesome to see them. The boys, not the hustle and bustle-ers.

Team Thompson, in the flesh, true to life.

We spend to next day and a half moseying around Bangkok looking at stuff; some temples, statues and monuments and whatnot, perusing the amount of bootleg and faux goods you could buy from the never-ending supply of street fenders.

One of the many Buddhist temples with surrounding fancy roofs.

"The Monument of Democracy". Ironically, the country is currently ruled by the military.

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