Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ko Chang - Sunny!

East of Bangkok, close to the border of Cambodia, just off the coast is the serene island of Ko Chang. After much deliberating it was decided that this was to be the place to get thoroughly Thompsonated. From the ferry, the island looked surprisingly like Jurassic Park with it's steep jungle walls and beautiful beaches. I was expecting Richard Attenborough to meet us and show us some brontosaurus's or summit.

Lonely beach. We spend 5-8 hours each day sat in it, carefully numbering and placing rocks underwater.

After some initial drawbacks we finally got settled in this nice little place where we got a couple of bungalows between us, about 5 minutes from the beach.

Hammocks were the way forward here, this one expertly modeled by CT.

Basically the week was spent going to the beach, kicking footballs, discussing how much CT looked like Mike Ashley in his Newcastle shirt (because of his gut), avoiding lady boys, laughing at outrageous lady boys, asking lady boys if they can bench press a tank, discussing the modern day hip-hop scene, getting beating by Andy T at pool and eating and drinking. Oh, we also learned to hate the fact that Michael Duberry had invaded out beach.

See ball, kick ball, swim.

Our bungalows at night. Peaceful with a capital P.

Discussing hip-hop in it's raw form. L-R Mike Ashley, Big Foot and the Hendersons and the Original OG.

They love climbing stuff, just look at how happy they are. Not seen them grin this much since the '93 Tour of Mediterranean Medieval Lighthouses.

All the peeps from out place of residence at one of the many beach-based parties. And yes, I'm the most tanned (apart from the guy who is actually Thai).

As ever, all good things must come to an end. They both had to get back to something called "a job" otherwise they would "be fired". Dunno what any of that means to be honest. It was great to have a holiday type holiday and be settled in one place for a good while and to share that with your much-loved siblings made it an honour. Needless to say, we all had a crackin' time doing what brothers do best; laughing constantly and creating fun times out of next to nothing. It really would suck to be boring! I'll see them again in just over a month.

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