Friday, January 04, 2008

And I've STILL got sand in my shoes...

The last 2 weeks or so of my whole jaunt was spent mainly in one place, Koh Phi Phi. It's pretty much the nicest place on earth to be honest, the perfect place to relax, party it up and get a tan before heading homeward.

Phi Phi is where the beach where they filmed that film The Beach is, so I'm sure if you've seen that you can get jealous.

Whilst here I did my PADI open water course, which is basically a scuba diving qualification which allows you to dive about a lot, so did plenty of dives while here. Saw loads of fish and that, sharks, turtles and reefs and whatnot. All a lot of fun. It's like flying, but underwater, imagine that!

Sadly, Phi Phi was one of the most badly affected places by the 2004 tsunami and is still being slowly rebuilt - a process not helped by the island not having any roads. However, they do have a tsunami evacuation route cleared marked on the island which basically summed up is "leg it up the hill".

There was a lot of this type of nonsense going on, so there was much rejoicing.

Many good times were had on Phi Phi and I was very sad to leave. It's not really difficult to have fun in an island tropical paradise but it was well and truly knocked out of the park, right bru's?

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