Friday, January 04, 2008

Flying home for Christmas

Another flight with airaisa's finest took me back to Bangkok, where I had about 6 hours of shopping time to purchase a new wardrobe for a total of about 34 pence stirling. A lot of stuff got sadly chucked, but having clothes that have been worn too much and washed badly for 18 months made them look a tad on the shabby side believe it or not.

For some reason fate seems to dictate that entering and leaving the UK must be made difficult for me. Having psyched myself up for the flight home and prepared in anticipation for the wonderful wintery weather of England, I was told at the airport that my flight with Gulf Air had been moved and blah blah blah, 24 hour delay. Broken record anyone?

So, after another 4 star hotel experience, another session in front on BBC News 24 and an unthinkable amount of smoked salmon from the all-you-can-eat hotel buffet (every cloud right?) I was back at the airport:

Them - I'm sorry sir, but there's been another change with your flight.

Me - What?! Don't start this nonsense again! I demand more smoked salmon!

Them - You're now leaving even earlier and on a direct flight with a better airline. And there are many smoked salmon sandwiches on the flight, on demand, specifically labeled for you.

Me - I suppose that'll have to do.

So instead of a 10 hour sit-in at Bahrain airport I was flying straight to Heathrow and with fancy-dan airline Thai Air no less, result! I always was a bit scepticle with Gulf Air, always wonder if I'd have to flap my arms as well, or sit on a chicken coop at the bare minimum, so winner's dinners all round!

On arrival at Heathrow I was picturing my arrival similar to that of the end of that film "Love Actually", where even the Prime Minister was present specifically to greet me. There'd be a marching band, a bikini parade and cannons would be fired. Sadly, not.

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